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50 White Mini Lights 2.5 inch Green Wire
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50 White Mini Lights 2.5 inch Green Wire

Part Number:ML-5025CLRG
Price: $3.96
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50 White (Clear) Mini lights 2.5 inch Spacing Green Wire

Decorating a yard sculpture? Need closely spaced mini lights for your project?

This set of lights is a classic combination white (clear, transparent) mini lights on green wire. This wiring blends well with darker trim, greenery and outdoor shrubs.

At just over 10 feet of lit length with 50 lights to the string, you won't have a lot of extra wire getting in the way in smaller to medium scale projects. You can run up to 10 sets (maximum of 210 watts per run) in series. 

This set is versatile - since you can't cut or modify them due to their series electrical configuration - there will be fewer bulbs to hide at the end of your project if that happens in your design.

We've heard from our residential and commercial customers that they are using this light string in these kinds of decorating projects:

  • Christmas Trees
  • Use to construct a curtain of lights on a 9-10 foot wall
  • Wreaths
  • Wrapping small trees
  • Decorating pergolas and gazebos
  • Draping them along fence lines
  • Yard Sculptures - install with zip ties
  • Accent topiaries

UL RatedYes, UL Approved
Bulb ColorWhite (Clear)
Wire ColorGreen
Number of Bulbs50
Space Between Mini Lights2.5 inches
Bulb TypeIncandescent
Replacement Bulb Voltage2.5V
Approximate Total Length10' 8"
Lead Wire (between plug and first light)3 inches
Tail (between plug and last light)3 inches
Max Connection10 Sets
ConnectionEnd-to-End (1 male, 1 female plug per strand)
Wire Gauge22 AWG
Current Rating3 Amps
Voltage Rating110V/120V
Replaceable BulbsYes
Power Specification (per strand)20W
Additional Specifications2 Replacement Bulbs & 1 Fuse Included

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