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Surface Mount Clips 2000

Surface Mount Clips 2000

Part Number:HW39025
Price: $326.25
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2000 Surface Clips

"How do I attach Christmas lights to a fence line?"

Try using this custom designed clip - it's made just for wood fences. 

These clips mount either C7 or C9 lights securely in an upright direction perpendicular to the clip.  (If you mount them on a fence post facing the road, then the "point" or the bulb is what folks driving by will see.)

While these surface clips are made for fences, they'll work on most any surface where they can be installed.  The wire on each side of the bulb socket just snugs under one side of the "S" of the clip.

These clips come with a short phillips screw and are tailored for mounting to fences.  

Made of commercial grade plastic.   90 day warranty.

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