Make your party pop with light!
Purple Satin G40 Bulb with E12 (C7) Base
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Purple Satin G40 Bulb with E12 (C7) Base

Part Number:G40-E125WFPUR
Price: $0.42
Retail Price:$0.75
Available in multiples of 25 - Price is per bulb
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Purple Satin G40 Bulb - E12 (C7) Base

Purple party lights are combined with pink and yellow string lights.

They hang like a curtain on the back wall.

Unicorns decorate the space.

College girls laugh and snap selfies in front of the lights.

It is not every day their best friend turns 20.

This G40 bulb has a candelabra or E12 base. It's the same base as a traditional C7 bulb - or nightlight!

Please note this bulb is an incandescent bulb, not an LED product.

This bulb is a wonderful way to turn your C7 Christmas light cords into outdoor light strings and party lights

Bulb ShapeRound, Globe (transparent)
Life Hours3,000 Hours, 90 Day Warranty
AMPS Usage.04A
Voltage Rating110V/130V
Watts5 W
Bulb typeIncandescent, filament
Base FinishBrass Base with Nickel Plating
Base SizeCandelabra Base (E12) Size of sockets on C7 cords
RequiresRequires Socket or Socket Cord (This is a Replacement Bulb Only)
Bulb Size1.5 inches

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