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C9 Cord 25 feet Green Wire

C9 Cord 25 feet Green Wire

Part Number:C9-25-G-SPT1
Price: $8.27
SPT-1 12 inch spacing
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C9 Cord 25 feet long 12 inch socket spacing - Green Wiring

These 25-foot cords feature 25 sockets spaced every 12 inches along the 20 AWG wire. Purchase 100 of our C9 incandescent  Bulbs or C9 LED bulbs to fill them. 
If you are puchasing traditional glass bulbs, we do suggest you pick up an extra box of 25.
These cords come with a male and female plug and can be run end to end a MAXIMUM of 2 strings in a single run. 
Do not run these 25-foot cords in series with any cord that has a different gauge. All of our 50, 100 and 100-foot cords are 18 AWG so they cannot be run in series with our 25-foot cords.
  • These cords work great for:
  • Indoor Trees
  • Trees in your landscaping
  • Along your flowerbeds

Wire ColorGreen
Wire Gauge20 AWG
Wire InsulationSPT-1
Base TypeE17
Space between sockets12"
Max Connection2 Strings
Approximate Total Length25'
Distance between plug and first socket12"
Distance between last socket and end of cord6"
Current Rating (amps)5A
Number of Sockets25 Sockets
Plug Type5-AMP Fuse Plug
Plug SpecificationEasy to Install Short Runs with End-to-End Connection

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