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C9 Cord 100 feet White Wire

C9 Cord 100 feet White Wire

Part Number:C9-100-W-SPT1
Price: $36.14
SPT-1 12 inch spacing
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100 Foot C9 Commercial Cord - White Wire - 12 inch spacing

This Christmas lights stringer wire is our most popular C9 cord with residential users.  AT 100 feet with 12 inch spacing, the white wire on these cords blends in nicely with light color house trim and blends in with snow if you live in a state that actually has winter.  (We're located in Texas so we wouldn't know much about that.)

We carry a wide variety of bulbs that you can order separately to custom design your own Christmas light set.  You can go traditional with a C9 transparent white bulb or choose one of our pastel colors - pink, purple, or teal, for example - or you can even fill this cord with LED bulbs.  

This C9 cord is constructed with 18 AWG wire that is rated at 10 amps and is constructed with a single plug.  Instead of running these cords in series if you are lighting over 100 linear feet of lights, we suggest that you "T" out from the splitter on the end of a commercial grade extension cord.  

Since C9 cords are designed with parallel electrical circuits, you can clip these cords to fit your project.  Just be sure to work with an electrician to properly terminate the end of the cord with a plug or your electrician's suggested method.

This cord has a standard SPT-1 thickness of insulation widely in commercial applications.  Note we do carry this cord with SPT-2 insulation which is slightly thicker.  (Both cords are made of the same 10-amp rated copper wire.)See all our C9 Cords and Spools

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Wire ColorWhite
Wire Gauge18 AWG
Wire InsulationSPT-1
Base TypeE17 (Intermediate)
Socket Spacing12"
Item ColorWhite
Approximate Total Length99 feet Lighted Length (with all bulbs installed, purchased separately) 119' Total Length
Connection10A Male Plug; No Female Connector
AMPS Rating10A
****100 Sockets
****10A Male Plug; No Female Connector
****2 Weep Holes on Bottom of Socket

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