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50 Pure White Wide Angle LED Green Wire

50 Pure White Wide Angle LED Green Wire

Part Number:LED-45513R-PB24
Price: $11.21
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50  Pure White Wide Angle (conical or 5MM) LED Christmas light strings

The conical or wide angle light bulb is about the size of the pencil eraser, but it emits beautifully bright pinpoints of light that rivals that of our traditional mini Christmas lights. 

The wide angle bulb is different than mini light bulbs because it transmits light in every direction, so no matter what type of project you use these great lights for, you'll see light from every angle. The pure white color is bright and striking.  So what light you lose by going to energy efficient LED lighting is compensated for by impact.

(As a note, the shape of the lens are little cylinders but if you look at the larger picture of these lights you can see that there is a cone division within the solid plastic LED cover that aids in 360 degree of light emission.  That's why sometimes you'll see "conical" and sometimes "wide angle" referring to this shape.)

Our wide angle cool white lights on green wire are an excellent choice for so many projects.  Of course, the holiday spring to mind for decorating purposes, but there are times throughout the year that these great wide angle LED lights can be used to brighten an indoor or outdoor landscape.

Ideas for Using Pure White Wide Angle Lights 

  • Christmas trees
  • Grapevine trees - on the porch, balcony, or patio.  Also a popular and lovely accent for the foyer or parlor.
  • Shrubs and trees - the green wire blends in beautifully with the greenery and all you see are the sparkling white lights
  • Wrapping columns on the house
  • Wrapping lamp posts
  • Weddings - excellent for using all around the reception hall
  • Draping over a headboard, footboard, or mirror in the bedroom
  • Illuminating your garden
  • Highlighting sculptures or other stone accents in the garden area
  • Wrapping banisters or railings

There's really no limit to what you can do with these amazing cool white Christmas lights.  Use them inside your home to create a warm and cozy ambiance.  Outside landscapes will have instant charm when you use our conical cool white on green lights for decorating.

If you've used mini lights exclusively for years, give the wide angle Christmas lights a chance to shine this year in place of your mini lights.  You may be very surprised at the amount of light they emit and the beauty they provide for your holiday display, special event, or every day decorating.

Lens Shape5MM (Conical or Wide Angle)
Bulb TypeLED
Number of Bulbs50
Wire ColorGreen
LED LED Bulb ColorPure White 
Wire Gauge22 AWG
LED Spacing4"
Replaceable BulbNo, Injection Molded (non-removeable), Moisture Resistant Construction
Max Connection43 Sets
ConnectionEnd-to-End (One male and one female plug per string)
Voltage Rating110V/120V
Current Rating3A
Current Requirement0.04 A
Watts4.8 W
RatingUL Approved
Approximate Total Length17 feet
Additional Specifications2 Fuses included

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