Magnetic Christmas light clips solve an age old problem

Have you ever wanted to install Christmas lights on a roof, shed, a strip of flashing or a fence – but didn’t want to drill a hole or mess with silicone?

This season, there is a new clip manufactured in Lubbock, TX that is the answer to this question.

All it does is slip onto the base of traditional C7 and C9 sockets and it has a super strong magnet that sticks to any ferrous metal surface (the kind that magnets stick to LOL).

They do come in two sizes so make sure before you order any kind of clip that you know what size socket you are working with. C7 sockets are for bulbs with intermediate bases – the same size as night lights. C9’s are larger – the bulbs are about 2 inches long.

I hear from folks all year asking about magnetic clips and I’m glad that a solution finally exists 🙂 These will be great for the edges of flat metal roofs and may see more commercial than residential application.

Magnetic Christmas Light Clip

Shellie Gardner
Magnetic Christmas Light Clips

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